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School Garden Information Library

How to Start a Garden

  • School Gardens (University of Minnesota Extension website)

    A variety of resources related to starting & maintaining a school garden.

  • Start a School Garden - Here's How

    USDA’s recommended steps for starting a school garden.

  • School Garden Resources

    Whole Kids Foundation’s School Garden Resources page is full of great resources for everything School Garden.

  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

    The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map includes a ZIP code finder that provides the plant hardiness zone for all US ZIP codes.

  • The Dirt on Dirt

    Learn about what type of dirt is the best for your location.

  • Five Tips to Starting a Garden with Children

    Here are five easy tips to keep in mind when starting a garden with children.

  • How to - Garden Articles

    These articles offer insights on some of the common challenges facing garden projects.

  • How to Grow an Outdoor Classroom

    Creating an outdoor classroom doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help get your school garden growing.

  • Gardening How-To

    Resources on Gardens from

  • A Gardening Guide for Kids

    Guidance on getting started with gardening, and how you can involve your children. The following web sites can provide information on gardening and planting, along with activities and games for kids.


  • MN Academic Standards for School Gardens

    Minnesota State Academic Standards that apply to School Gardens.

School Garden Guides/Manuals

  • Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom

    Minnesota School Gardens: A Guide to Gardening and Plant Science. Featuring 31 k-12 lessons linked to the Minnesota Academic Standards.

  • How-to Guide from Slow Food USA

    This guide offers a clear road-map for developing a successful school garden program.

  • Whole Kids Foundation

    Webinars on School Garden Program Sustainability and Garden to Cafeteria Programs.

Curriculum/Instructional Activities

  • School Garden Weekly

    School Garden Weekly shares wonderful information for starting and maintaining a successful school garden.

  • Garden Activities

    Garden related activities and hands-on lessons that can be tied to your regular curriculum & for families to learn together, while encouraging love for nature and the environment.

School Garden Partnerships

  • Midwest Food Connection

    These natural foods lessons are available for grades K-5 and are tailored to the specific age of the students. (Fee based program)

  • Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes

    Harvest Moon can help with garden design, technical assistance, fundraising assistance, and curriculum consultation for school gardens.

Elementary & Middle Schools in MN with School Gardens

  • MN School Gardens Survey 2017

    Minnesota elementary and middle schools with a school garden program.