Jeffers believes learning outdoors helps

                    • students learn better

                    • improve students’ health

                    • increase student engagement

                    • raise student achievement

Outdoor Science Belwin

The Outdoor Classroom - Part 1

Part 1 – Why Outside

As you view Part 1, notice how it applies at your school with the outdoor area you have available. What can you take from this presentation that will help enhance learning opportunities for your students?


*Surveys we have conducted have indicated that the main reasons given by teachers for not going outdoors on a regular basis are:

  • safety concerns
  • behavior concerns
  • it takes too much time
  • need to spend more time on reading & math
  • too busy in the indoor classroom
  • need to pass MCA’s

At the end of the video, list all the reasons for taking students outdoors

The Outdoor Classroom - Part 2

Part 2 – Preparing for Success

Some techniques one can use when preparing to take students outdoors:

  • review teacher manuals & tab lessons that can be taught outdoors
  • consult with a fellow teacher who has experience using the Outdoor Classroom
  • explore outdoor area before going out & become familiar with it
  • keep it simple
  • remember, you don’t need to know everything
  • establish, model & practice expected behavior outdoors using many of the same rules upi use indoors
  • have all students record data using journals, notebooks, or clipboards
  • consider using volunteers
  • have a first aid kit, cell phone or walkie-talkie for emergencies
  • make sure office staff knows where you are going
  • set physical boundaries
  • establish time limits
  • emphasize keeping up with the leader
  • stay on trails provided
  • leave area as you found it

The Outdoor Classroom - Part 3

Part 3 – Making it Real

Some advantages for using the Outdoor Classroom:

  • all subjects can be taught in the Outdoor Classroom
  • all schools have an Outdoor Classroom whether suburban, urban, or rural
  • great place to develop word banks
  • great place for special needs students
  • will help students develop an understanding, appreciation & respect for the outdoors
  • the Outdoor Classroom is not crowded
  • children learn better in natural light
  • nature-based experiential learning can help improve student performance
  • unlimited opportunities for hands-on learning
Belwin Outdoor Classroom

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