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Waste Reduction Awareness Program (WRAP)

Help reduce lunchroom waste!

Elementary School Lunchroom Waste Reduction Program - Self-Assessment

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Below is a collection of case studies and information that

Jeffers Foundation & the MN PCA put together to help

improve waste reduction education

wrap bulk food
wrap morning lunch count
Bulk vs. prepackaged servings
Morning lunch count
wrap offer v serve
wrap survey
Offer vs. serve
Survey students & staff on food likes & dislikes
wrap portion control
Portion control
Supplies / Materials
wrap washable trays
Washable trays and silverware
wrap compostable trays
Compostable trays and utensils
wrap cloth v paper napkins
Cloth vs paper napkins
wrap serving line
Serving line procedures
wrap effective order of bins
Effective order of bins
wrap disposing of waste
Disposing of waste
Waste Disposal Programs
wrap composting
wrap food to livestock
Food to Livestock
wrap vermicomposting
Vermicomposting program
Noon Hour Procedures
wrap playtime before lunch
Having playtime before lunch
wrap playtime after lunch
Having playtime after lunch
wrap amount of time to eat
Amount of time needed to eat lunch
wrap student involvement
wrap parent involvement
Educate students about waste reduction
Parent involvement in school lunchroom program
wrap educate staff
wrap student involvement
Educate staff about waste reduction
Student involvement in school lunchroom program
wrap educate parents
wrap waste reduction incentive
Educate parents on how to pack a waste-free lunch
Waste reduction incentive program
wrap weighing
Weighing and recording food waste
wrap monthly audits
Monthly audits of food & non-food waste

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