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Gideon Pond Elementary School

  • Serves grades K-5
  • Has three 12' long 'straw bale' gardens
  • Planning for Butterfly Garden
  • Relates garden to state standards in art and science
  • Partners with "Project Kids" during summer
  • Has an "Adopt-a- Garden" program for families
  • Shares produce with students and Families

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More Gideon Pond Elementary School Details
Gideon Pond Elementary School has established a school vegetable garden and native plant butterfly garden designed to give students a stronger appreciation for healthy eating and for the environment. The vegetable garden consists of three rows of straw bales with each row measuring 2' x 12'. The 25' diameter native butterfly garden replaced a former garden site that was overgrown. In the vegetable garden, they grow a variety of vegetables using companion and succession planting, so as to maximize the resources and space. Students participating in the summer "Project Kids" program were given the opportunity to sample the harvested produce. Families were invited to "Adopt a Garden" for a week. They assisted with maintenance, watering and harvesting. In return, they were able to sample the produce and take a bag of vegetables home with them. In the fall, classrooms also had the opportunity to sample produce. By these means, students and families were able to experience first hand how food and plants are grown, relating real life to the Science standards and appreciating the aesthetic values in the Art standards.

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