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Jeffers Foundation is in the business of finding best practices in the field of environmental education - and sharing them. The videos on this page have been created in that spirit. During our visits to dozens of successful school gardens, we heard many creative solutions to common school garden issues. We also heard many heartfelt expressions of the joys of teaching in the garden. These videos are not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of how to start a school garden. They represent a small sampling of the wisdom of the dedicated teachers, administrators and gardeners that we met.

Introduction to School Gardens: A short survey of school gardens with clips from many of our school garden videos.
Why We Have a School Garden: We asked many of the teachers, Master Gardeners, parents and principals what benefits they saw for their efforts.
Partners for the Garden: Most successful programs are a team effort. This short video mentions many of the sources for help. Many are surprising.
Maintaining the Garden: This is the first question for many school. Here are a few of the ways the issue was solved.

Introduction to School Gardens

Why We Have a School Garden

Partners for the Garden

Maintaining the Garden

For more information about the Jeffers Foundation graden program, contact Fergus Woolley.

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