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Paul Oberg Jeffers CEO presents WRAP Award to Chuck Anderson, Principal, Bayview Elementary School - Waconia and Barb Schank, District Food Services Director

"The best way to reduce school lunchroom waste is to not create it in the first place!" - Paul Oberg

These Jeffers Foundation website pages are designed to make it easy to find ways to reduce waste in elementary school lunchrooms. Come back often for updates and ideas.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency did a study "Digging Deep Through School Trash," which showed that almost 24% of the total waste generated is food waste.

Jeffers directors, Dar Fosse and Mike Fairbourne, brought this information to the Jeffers Board with the recommendation that we initiate WRAP - Waste Reduction Awareness Program, Jeffers effort to identify elementary schools which have successful lunchroom food waste reduction programs.

Three schools were recognized with a cash award for the effective programs they are implementing: Clara Barton Open School - Minneapolis; Bayview Elementary School - Waconia and Garlough Environmental
Magnet School - West St Paul. Many other schools submitted applications and were given a recognition certificate. Much of the information we share came from the application forms submitted to Jeffers


WRAP - Waste Reduction Awareness Program

WRAP printable Self Assessment Brochure

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Questions & Comments
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Bulk Food Purchasing vs. Packaged

Offer vs. Serve

Portion Control

Morning Lunch Count

Surveying Students and Staff on Food Likes and Dislikes

Pre-Cutting Fruits and Vegetables Before Serving

Farm-to-School Program

Supplies / Materials

Washable Trays and Silverware

Compostable Trays and Silverware


Serving Line Procedures

Effective Order of Bins in Lunchrooms

Disposing of Waste

Color Coded Bins

Setting Up a Sharing Table

Serving Second Helpings to Students

Milk Cartons Versus Dispensers

Waste Disposal Programs

Organic Composting

Food to Livestock Program

Vermicomposting Programs

Noon Hour Procedures

Effect of Having Outside Playtime Before Lunch

Effect of Having Outside Playtime After Lunch

Amount of Time Needed to Eat Lunch


Educating Students About Waste Reduction

Educating Staff About Waste Reduction

Educating Parents on How to Pack a Waste Free Lunch

Parent Involvement in School Lunch Program

Student Involvement in School Lunch Program

Waste Reduction Incentive Program


Weighing and Recording Food Waste

Monthly Audits of Food and Non-Food Waste

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