Gage Elementary

  • Serves PreK-5 students
  • Full-service community school
  • Have six tall raised bed gardens, one for each grade level
  • Grows a variety of vegetables
  • The program is tied to STEM curriculum
  • Partners with Master Gardeners in Rochester area
  • Has an in-school food shelf for students, families, and staff

More details...

Gage Elementary School has installed six 4′ x 12′ raised garden beds, one for each grade level. This school has completed the process of becoming a full-service community school. This includes the fulfillment of the eight conditions for full implementation of a community school. One of these conditions was a focus on health and wellness for all members of the school community, including students, staff, and family members. The addition of a school garden space was one way to address this need. As a K-5 STEM/Humanities school the curriculum is designed to use the garden to provide outdoor learning opportunities for students related to STEM or Humanities concepts. Students are involved in all aspects of the garden, beginning with the design. The garden is an outdoor learning space for humanities classes where service-learning activities help character development. During the summer months, school-aged childcare programming and summer school classes utilize the garden as an outdoor learning space. It also serves as an enrichment outlet for students who are particularly interested in garden-related concepts. Staff, parents, and community partners who are passionate about gardening come together to make up the garden team.

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