Redtail Ridge Elementary

  • Serves grades K-5
  • A wood fenced surrounds the garden area
  • Tall raised garden beds
  • Veggie and pollinator gardens
  • Garden tied to ESTEM curriculum
  • Kid’s Company and Fit Kids program maintain the garden in summer
  • Partners with the City of Savage and several community groups

More details...

Redtail Ridge Elementary School partnered with the City of Savage in planning their school garden. As an E-STEM School, they believe it is important that children have knowledge of and experiences with the world around them. The garden provides students with the opportunity to explore nature and become invested in their environment. The main garden is approximately 600 square feet and surrounded by a wooden fence. Inside the fenced area they have an 8′ by 10′ storage shed and several raised garden beds making it very easy for all students to access. They grow a variety of root vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, to help students learn the difference between eating the root of a vegetable and eating what grows above the ground. They created a salsa garden and a pizza garden and the students enjoyed the produce they grew. During the summer, the Kids Company program and Savage Fit Kids community program are responsible for the supervision of the garden. Staff members from the school also help throughout the summer months.

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