Lake Park – Audubon

  • Ground level garden 15′ x 25′
  • Have a Kids Teaching Kids program
  • Produce used for healthy snacks for students
  • Garden serves as a platform for summer school program
  • Each grade level plants seeds
  • Families and local garden group help maintain garden in summer
  • Summer school lessons designed to highlight gardens

Lake Park-Audubon Elementary has a wonderful garden and nature area that the students utilize for nature activities incorporating reading, writing, math, science, and art skills. The sixth graders use the nature area to create “Kids Teaching Kids” lessons for the lower elementary students. Sixth grade students create lessons with goals and objectives and then present the lessons to other grades. Many teachers feel that the school garden helps teach life skills through the process of planning, planting, and maintaining a garden. The garden helps students learn to respect the earth and the growing process.