Student Phenology Data


Crosslake Middle School in Crosslake, MN

Middle School 5th – 8th grade Science class
  • I wonder how did the flower seeds get into the crack by my basement?
  • I wonder why our grass is suddenly growing so fast?
  • I wonder what kind of tree that is?
  • I smell: fresh air, it doesn’t smell like anything really
  • I hear: birds, crickets, garbage pick-up, talking
  • I feel: the warm sun, the warm breeze, the grass below me

Crosslake Middle School in Crosslake, MN

Some Middle School 5th – 8th-grade
  • I wonder when the first snowfall will be for my area?
  • How many calories does an acorn have for a squirrel?
  • I wonder how many seeds are in a hibiscus flower seed pod?
  • it’s getting colder
  • we’re losing more light
  • we’re starting to get snow

Lincoln Elementary School in Owatonna, MN

First-grade Observations:
  • wood chips
  • “minty” smelling air
  • a water faucet that had a huge chunk of ice flowing from it
  • hard, crunchy ground
  • a blackbird
  • wind
  • cold nose
  • frost
  • wind shaking pine branches
  • leaves rustling

Lincoln Elementary School in Owatonna, MN

We looked for evidence that animals have been on our school grounds. We compared the tracks we found with an identification sheet but students didn’t agree about whether they were from a rabbit or a squirrel but they gave thoughtful reasons for their thinking:
  • I think they are from a rabbit because they don’t have claws and squirrels have claws.
  • I think they’re from a squirrel because a lot of the tracks are by the trees and squirrels climb in trees.
  • I think they’re from a squirrel because there are lots of tracks all over and we see squirrels around all the time. We hardly ever see rabbits.
  • If we saw acorns we’d know they are squirrel tracks.

Highlands Elementary School in Edina, MN

Great to see, hear, feel, smell what 0 degrees is like for these students.
  • I wonder what types of smells can you smell outside?
  • I wonder why is the snow so deep?
  • I wonder why were the leaves still on the tree?
  • I hear: snow crunching, snapping of twigs, bird calls
  • I feel: cold snow, bumpy sticks/twigs, rough trees, smooth logs
  • I smell: pine, coldness

School of Hard Knocks in Buffalo, MN

  • Cold & windy
  • 3 inches of snow
  • January 5, 2022

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