Jackson County Central

  • Serves grades PK-12
  • Program coordinated by FFA students
  • Has a Kids Garden Club
  • FFA high school students mentor elementary students in the garden
  • 18 raised garden beds
  • Grow a wide variety of veggies and flowers
  • The project includes a cooking component for students

More details...

Jackson County Central School has developed “Kids Garden Club” that offers an exciting learning opportunity and provides skills and tools for children and families to achieve healthier lifestyles. “Kids Garden Club” is a 10-week program in which high school FFA students mentor elementary students in planting raised-bed vegetable gardens on school grounds. The program engages children in hands-on group and individual gardening experience and fosters a direct connection with fresh, healthful foods. The goal is to help students develop lifelong gardening and cooking skills. The garden is located near the school greenhouse and measures 72 feet x 51 feet. There are 18 raised beds located within a fenced garden area. Each raised bed measures 6 feet x 12 feet. The project includes a cooking component where students have the opportunity to try recipes with the vegetables grown in the garden. These recipes are then sent home with produce for families to use where they reap the nutritious benefits of the fresh harvest at their own dinner tables.

For more information contact laura.bidne@jccschools.com.