St. Paul City School Garden

  • Has a 3c’s (Connectin Community & Children) Garden Program
  • Thirty families were involved in the garden program
  • Students were involved in a 24-week garden project
  • Families learned how to prepare, cook, can and preserve produce
  • Garden was used as an instructional tool
  • Garden has strong support from outside sources
  • Garden provided instruction to both students and families

St. Paul City School’s Community Garden Project 3C’s (Connecting Community & Children) is designed to provide a living laboratory for students; provide families with access to fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables; help families develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to establish and maintain nutritious eating and active lifestyle practices; educate families on such topics as environmental stewardship, where food comes from and how agriculture impacts our daily lives; engage families in an outdoor learning experience; provide inter-generational exposure to cultural traditions; and provide families from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to work side-by-side on a common endeavor.